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So um yeah im like never on this account ever anymore but if you want you can catch me on my personal at protruding-lungs.tumblr
Com okay yeah im not self promoting just thought people would wanna know where the fuck ive been okay yeah bye

Anonymous asked: have you ever stopped to consider the only reason you have followers is because their all from follow backs? Because youre blog is shit, its just like everyone elses and there is nothing unique about it. Victorias Secret, Hipsters in bathing suits, makeup, and shirtless guys. THATS IT, nothing more and its fake and stupid just like you.

Awe thanks for taking the time out of your day to be a complete dumbass

Anonymous asked: hey i really neeed advice< i think my boyfriend is cheating on me. i mean i already caught him making out with my sista but i forgave him. plssssss help me

Woah I mean if you caught him once why give him another chance? If he clings to his phone like hes holding on for dear life, if hes getting dressed up or leaving unexpectedly, you should be suspicous…